About Us

Potters Without Kilns was founded by Mark Lusardi and is the culmination of his twenty-five year dream to help ceramic artists find access to kilns and studios in the area and offer assistance to graduates and artists in transition. During the past 25 years Mark has researched various kilns and ceramic facilities, taught at art centers and colleges, helped as a technical assistant for Haystack Mountain School of Crafts and worked as a glaze chemist. Through his conversations with many young artists he found that one of their main concerns was finding the necessary facilities to continue to create and fire their work.

Potters Without Kilns feel strongly that giving back to the next generation not only helps ensure the future of the craft but continues to grow the ceramic arts so that future generations can enjoy and learn from the young artists of today.

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These kilns have a voice and a story to tell. Come be a part of the next chapter…

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