Our Vision

Bringing people together and helping them develop the work that will define their careers or passion for the ceramic arts.

Potters Without Kilns goals are the continuing education and support of the ceramic arts by providing firing services to emerging artists, recent graduates and artists of all skill levels find an affordable, inviting place to fire their work. Large gas atmospheric kilns are hard to come by and for most potters take a lifetime to acquire. Even though we are near a metropolitan area the kilns that are available are overbooked, have long waiting lists or membership are required. Potters Without Kilns does not require a membership and will be firing the kilns on a monthly basis to help artists plan their schedules to the firing dates.

Our vision is to create an environment that…

  • allows artists to gather and learn how to fire and refine their knowledge of various kilns and explore different firing methods so they can develop their craft and  continue to shape their careers
  • builds community by firing and working the kilns together
  • is inviting and has the necessary equipment that is conducive to hosting educational workshops and larger group firings
  • provides field trip opportunities for local schools, colleges and universities

These kilns have a voice and a story to tell. Come be a part of the next chapter…

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