Potters Without Kilns is located near New Richmond, Wisconsin. The facility includes a variety of kilns and studio space to work in during the firing. This is a great location for workshops and educational outreach with close access to the St. Paul/Minneapolis area and Western Wisconsin.

  • The kilns will be loaded on a Friday evening or Saturday morning and fired over the weekend. The pieces will be unloaded the following week after the kilns are cool.
  • Artists will be able to purchase a shelf space to fire their work or the entire kiln load.   On communal firings one stack of shelves will be reserved for scholarship recipients and for those who need help getting back on their feet.
  • Artists can also book a firing to load, fire and unload personally. Mark Lusardi will need to be on the premises and on hand during the various stages of the firing for insurance reasons.
  • Educational opportunities for firing workshops and professional development will be available.
  • Access for local schools to help expand their programs and to offer students an understanding of the various firing methods will be available.

These kilns have a voice and a story to tell. Come be a part of the next chapter…

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